Instant Shopping Rewards

Spend HK$300 to Get HK$50 Shopping Voucher

S⁺ REWARDS members spending upon HK$300 on a single purchase (receipt must be issued by merchants applicable for S⁺ REWARDS point registration, not including purchase, value-adding or use of gift voucher, cash coupon or any merchandise of similar nature, merchant prepaid card, gift card, membership card, food voucher etc., admission ticket and transportation ticket) via electronic payment methods^ at merchants in Citywalk during the promotion period and successfully register the receipt for S⁺ REWARDS points are entitled to redeem a HK$50 Citywalk Shopping Voucher for free. (Daily quota is 100 and redeem on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.)

Redemption Date: 16 – 31 May 2020
Redemption Time: From 12nn until stock lasts
Redemption Venue: Concierge, UG/F, Citywalk 1

^Electronic payment includes but not limited to credit card / debit card / EPS / Octopus / Apple Pay / Android Pay / Samsung Pay / Alipay / WeChat Pay / Tap & Go / Credit Card Cash Back Rewards. Customers must present the same-day computer-printed receipt(s) and corresponding electronic payment slip(s) for validation when redemption is made. Receipt(s) made by other payment methods (cash, online spending) will not be accepted

1. Each S⁺ REWARDS member is entitled to redeem one HK$50 Citywalk Shopping Voucher each day with one set of valid same-day computer-printed receipts.
2. The participating S⁺ REWARDS member must queue up in person and he/she must already possess the valid same-day computer-printed receipt when queuing up.
3. HK$50 Citywalk Shopping Voucher is for the exclusive use at the designated merchants at Citywalk only. Shops which accept the coupons are listed on Citywalk website (
4. Terms and conditions apply to the use of HK$50 Citywalk Shopping Voucher, please refer to the back side of the voucher.
5. The voucher is valid for use until 30 June 2020.
6. Terms and conditions apply to S⁺ REWARDS program, please refer to the S⁺ REWARDS website for details.
7. Each valid same-day machine-printed receipt must be HK$300 or above and transaction must be done with electronic payment methods.
8. Each valid same-day machine-printed receipt is eligible for participation in promotion activity for once only. Citywalk has the right to make any marks on all receipts used for any redemption and these receipts are not eligible for other offers or redemptions.
9. No alteration is allowed once receipt is registered.
10. Only intact original copy of same-day computer-printed receipt is accepted. Each receipt must clearly show the name of shop and the date of issue. Receipt made by/ under the following circumstances will not be accepted: cash, handwritten, photocopied, casual leasing, bank, estate agent, add-value transactions and charges (including merchant prepaid card, Octopus card, parking, tuition, telephone etc.), clinic(s)/ purchase of tickets (including but not limited to admission tickets, transportation tickets), use of gift voucher and any re-printed computer-printed receipts.
11. Participants must present the same-day computer-printed shop receipt, as well as the transaction slip of credit card, EPS or Octopus card upon registration. Spending amount printed on valid computer-printed receipt must be identical with that on electronic payment slip. Staff may ask the participant to present the corresponding credit card, EPS, Octopus card or electronic payment record for validation.
12. Participants must present the corresponding credit card, EPS, Octopus card or electronic payment record for validation if the presented electronic payment slip and receipt are combined as one, or if the payment is made with Octopus card.
13. For partial payment receipt, only the value of deposit payment and/ or the actual amount paid will be considered valid. Total spending refers to the net spending after deducting any point(s) and discount(s) from credit card, EPS, Octopus card or membership card.
14. Reprinted merchant receipts will not be accepted; electronic payment slip must be the original copy and any reprinted electronic payment slips will not be accepted.
15. Participants must present their receipt for validation. Citywalk reserves the right to reject any participation requests if the authenticity of any receipts is in doubt. In the interest of fairness, merchant staff are not permitted to participate.
16. Citywalk reserves the right to make an electronic copy of each receipt presented to Citywalk for redemption or participation in promotion activity.
17. All HK$50 Citywalk Shopping Vouchers cannot be sold, transferred, returned or exchanged for cash.
18. Citywalk does not provide any warranties or representations of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory, in relation to the quality, functions, performance, usage or any others of the items provided by the participating merchants, and is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind in relation to the quality, functions, after-sales or repair services, usage or any others caused by these items. Any enquiries, suggestions, complaints or disputes relating thereto shall be directed to the corresponding merchants.
19. The contents of activities and offers are subject to change without notice.
20. Citywalk has the right to make final decisions about the amendment of the related terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of dispute, Citywalk reserves the right of final decision which cannot be appealed against.