Redeem great gifts

With S⁺ REWARDS, it′s always the season for giving! Redeem fabulous rewards at tmtplaza, Olympian City, Citywalk and China Hong Kong City all year long. You can also enjoy seasonal and time-limited rewards by taking part in fantastic activities, auctions and games.

Redeem S Coupon

What can you do with the points you earn? Glad you asked! Redeem S Coupons anytime, which are as good as cash at designated shops at tmtplaza, Olympian City, Citywalk and China Hong Kong City. You can also enjoy surprising offers from time to time, which allow you to redeem S Coupons with discounted points!

Merchants Accepting S Coupon

Free parking

Skip the queues at our concierge – just use the S⁺ REWARDS app to instantly redeem free parking!

A warm welcome with bonus points

When you join S⁺ Rewards, we′ll do more than roll out the red carpet! Here′s what you get:


Welcome Bonus

Receive 2 points for completing your profile


Referral Bonus

Receive 2 points for every successful referral and after your friend has successfully registering points for the first time.
(up to 60 points)


Birthday Bonus

Receive 5 points at the beginning of the birthday month

Badge privileges

Earn badges when you fulfil specific requirements. Each badge comes with special time-limited privileges such as exclusive gifts, discounts and more.